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At Integrity Woodworking, Inc. we know that you value your home and we do, too. We strive to give our customers the quality service you deserve. That is why we go the extra mile to bring integrity workmanship into every door, trim and molding installation project we take on.

We want your home to not just look the way you want, but also give you that feeling that you desire. That is why we specialize in door installations and trim installations because we know that these are the services that will truly make your house feel like a home.

Hire a Professional Woodworker or DIY?

Why hire a door installer?

Slab doors don't actually fit in old openings. It may say it's the correct height and width, but in fact, the door is made bigger for a reason. These doors need to be cut down to fit. In addition to cutting the door down to size, you need to cut out the areas for the hinges and for the knob. Even if you get all of that right, the door may still not fit. An experienced door installer will know how to perfectly fit the door into the old openings?

Pre-hung doors are much easier to install. In order to install a pre-hung door, you will need to remove the casing and the jamb from the old door. Then you simply place the pre-hung door in its place. Keep in mind however that new pre-hung doors do not always fit into old frames perfectly. You have to make sure that they are squarely placed or the door will not open or close properly. An experienced door installer will know how to shim and maneuver the door into its proper place so that it open and close properly.

Can I put a slab door in an exterior entry?

Yes, you can, but keep in mind that this is not to your advantage. A slab door will not fit perfectly into a jamb and will leave gaps. If you still think you want to do this make sure you add weatherstripping to the door to seal as best as possible. Make sure you hire an experienced door installer to help you with this transition.

Do I really need a professional to install my trim work?

While it is true some trim work can be easily installed by someone with the tools, it takes experience to do the job right. Professional trim installers know how to work with the walls that are not flat, the corners that are not actually 90 degrees, and more importantly, they have the knowledge to make a simple piece of wood look like a masterpiece.

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