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Unlocking the Secrets to the Best Door Locks

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

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You’ve picked out your new door, but you still want a new lock. Or maybe you purchased your new home, but you’re not sure who else may have had a key. Or maybe you are just tired of fumbling with that physical key and you just want an app for that. In this blog we are going to ‘unlock’ the secrets to picking out a new lock for your home.

Interior Locks

Passageway locks are used for doors like closests, they will keep the doors closed, but won’t keep other people out. These passageway locks don’t have a cylinder in the center and are freely operational on both sides.

Privacy locks allow you to lock the door on one side with a push or turn button. These locks are useful on bathrooms and bedrooms bedrooms.

Interior Keyed Lock’s are great for home offices that need to be kept locked. You can leave the room freely, but you will need a key to gain access to the room.

Exterior Locks

Conventional Exterior Locks will come with a keyed entrance with the interior being a type of thumb turn knob. For security purposes you will want to get a lockset, meaning a handle or knob that comes with a deadbolt. (More on Security Later).

Digital Smart Locks are becoming a major trend. These locks are generally controlled with a number pad or with the use of an app on your phone and even in some cases can be voice controlled. (Alexa open the door.)


Conventional Locks and Digital Smart Locks are susceptible to the same forced entry break-ins and are often both susceptible to dills being able to disable the lock. In addtion to regular forced entry break-ins, Digital Smart Locks can also be hacked just like any other electronic device. Some Digital Smart Locks however come with tamper alarms which can deter a burglar.

If security is a priority for you, here are some tips.

· There are 3 grades of locks, find a lock that is graded 1. Grade 1 locks are the most difficult to disable. These are not always labeled on the package so you may need to do your homework before you buy and look at the manufacturer’s website. Keep in mind that Grade 1 locks and drill proof locks are the most expensive locks you can buy, and they are not full proof either.

· All locks come with a strike plate and two small screws. The problem comes with the fact that those tiny screws don’t hold well in the kick in. You can replace these two screws with 3” screws and a box strike which can be bought separately.

· Make sure all exterior doors have deadbolts. Oh, and don’t forget to lock them or they won’t do you any good.

· Do not use an interior lock on an exterior door. They are not designed to secure your home.

· Weak doors such as hollow-core doors are not great for security. Solid core, wood, or metal doors are better for security. Make sure your door jamb is structurally sound. If the door or jamb is not structurally sound, then you may want to consider having a new door installed. Pre-hung is best for security purposes, however you may want to upgrade some of the screws in the hinges and strike plate as previously discussed.


SmartKey Locks are a great way to have all your home locks keyed to one key. No more fumbling through a key ring trying to figure out which key goes to which door. You can key them yourself within just a few minutes. No need for a locksmith. (Sorry to our locksmith friends for letting out their secret.)

Digital Smart Locks as we have previously discussed can be supper convenient. Not only do you not need a key to get into your house, you can create different passcodes for different people. Need to let a maintenance worker in, set up a temporary passcode and then disable it when they’re done. Want to unlock the door remotely just use the app. Or just ask your new door person Alexa. Then you can review the access logs to see who has come into your home and when. (This will only work for tracking your teenagers if they use the front door.)


Though they are the most convenient Digital Smart Locks will put a nice dent in your pocket when it comes to cost. Grade 1 security locks are also very expensive. So, if your more concerned with saving a buck, stay away from the previously mentioned locks.

For those that want a low cost way to secure their home with some level of convenience, purchase SmartKey Lock sets. All big box stores carry them, and most lock manufacturers make them. Just look for the label that says SmartKey or Re-Key. Then take our tips and add in the longer 3” screws into the strike plates and/or purchase and install the strike box.

If you have any other questions about locks or doors don’t be a stranger contact us today.

We hope you found our blog beneficial. Sharing is caring so please subscribe to our blog for future helpful hints and share with your friends. If you have a question or would like us to give you a free estimate for your home improvement project, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.


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Oct 30, 2021

Padlocks, Schlage, and yale are the best door locks for your home. If you are confused which door lock to choose then hire a locksmith to select the best door lock.


Sep 22, 2021

A locksmith is someone who repairs the locks and make keys of door locks. If you ever faced the lock problem, don't hesitate to call the locksmith in your location.

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