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Going Dutch!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Dutch Doors have been around for a long time, but they are supper trendy again so let’s discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Dutch door.

What is a Dutch Door?

Simply put the door is split in half horizontally. These are doors where the top of the door can be opened while the bottom door can be kept closed. They come in various shapes and sizes, some with windows and some without.

What is their purpose?

The Dutch door was originally designed to keep kids inside, animals outside while still allowing for air and light to come through the house. Of course, with our modern life style (unless you actually have farm animals) we tend to want to keep the animals inside too and we tend to crank up our A/C. It’s still nice, however, to have a natural breeze flow through your home on occasion.

How much does a Dutch Door Cost?

In Orange County, California, the cost of a Dutch Door on average starts around $700 and goes up from there depending on style and materials which does not include paint or installation. Dutch Doors in general cost more to install than a regular door. The higher labor cost is due to the tricky aspect of having to line up the top portion of the doors with the bottom portion, which isn’t an issue with regular doors.

Why should you consider a Dutch Door?

Dutch Doors are great for those with small children and pets since you can keep them inside and enjoy the fresh air and light from outside. They are especially great if you live in an area that has nice breezes such as the beach communities of California.

If you’re worried about bugs getting into your home, there are screens specially for Dutch doors that allow you to pull the screen over the opened upper portion of your door.

Why should you not get a Dutch Door?

As with anything Dutch Doors can have their problems too. Since they are spilt in half, they are not as well insulated as a regular door and as such they should not be placed in areas such as the entry point between the garage and the house. If your concerned with energy efficiency in your home these would not be the doors for you as the extra gap will allow for more air seepage. Then of course if you don’t think you will take advantage of opening the top portion of the door, then it’s probably best to get a regular door.

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