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How To Save Money with your Remodel?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Integrity Woodworking tips to help you save money on your remodel
Saving Money is Always Important

Whether it’s big or small, remodeling your home can not only be stressful, but also expensive. How can you save money when remodeling your home?


The first and foremost thing to do is make a budget. Without a budget, you’ll be sailing blind into a storm of debt and despair, but your house will look awesome. It’s always best to sit down with your trusty calculator and all house hold decision makers and see how much you can afford. Once you have your budget in place you can move forward with your remodeling project.

(For more on How to plan a remodeling Budget check out our earlier blog post)

Need vs Want

Often when we find inspiration photos on Pinterest, we see the kitchen remodel with all the bells and whistles. While these can be great for ideas, they are not always idealistic for our pocket books. Know the difference between your needs and your wants. If you can live without the cool but expensive tile backsplash than cut it out of your remodeling plans.

Similar Look

You can often get a similar look for half the cost. Instead of purchasing the smaller fancy glass tile, get larger tile that covers more area that has a similar color and texture. Sometimes looking for a similar design in a different material can achieve the look for you at a lower cost. If your not sure how to achieve the look for less, you can always consult a local designer or contractor.

Avoid Big Box Stores

Big Box stores are convenient, but they often mark up their products a great deal in order to cover their large overhead costs and to make a profit. It’s often best to seek out local whole sale companies. It’s true that’s some will only sale to contractors or designers, but there are usually quite a few places that are open to the public.


There are always ways to cut costs, by doing the project or part of the project yourself. Can you demo your kitchen cabinets yourself? Can you patch a nail hole? Can you paint it yourself? Can you deliver it to your house yourself? Figuring out the little things like these can add up in large savings, especially larger remodels like kitchens. Know where to draw the line on your DIY projects, somethings like moving electrical should always be left up to the professionals.

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