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What Are RTA Cabinets?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

What are RTA Cabinets?

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RTA Cabinets

RTA cabinets means READY TO ASSEMBLE cabinets. They come in flat pack boxes making it easier to ship and move around the world including to your home.

Are RTA cabinets quality cabinets?

As with all cabinets it depends on the materials. We always recommend to our customers to purchase quality plywood box cabinets. This is because particle board cabinets don’t hold their shape and they just don’t last very long.

Are RTA cabinets cheaper?

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RTA kitchen cabinets fully assembled

Most cabinets are made by millwork machines that make cabinet boxes and fronts one piece at a time meaning they are made disassembled. In some cases, a manufacturer, distributer, or cabinet warehouse will offer to assemble the cabinets and have them shipped to your house. They of course will charge extra for this service making the cost of the cabinet more expensive. This means that RTA cabinets tend to be cheaper to purchase because the manufacture did not assemble them for you. You are however left to figure out how to assemble your cabinets.

Will RTA cabinets really save you money?

It depends. RTA cabinets are cheaper to purchase; however, someone must put them together and possibly the money you saved in shipping costs will then be paid out in labor cost. As an alternative to assembling them yourself or having the cabinet shop assemble them for you, ask your installer how much they charge to assemble and ship them for you.

Are RTA cabinets easy to assemble?

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Screw Guns are make cabinet assembly easier

In most cases RTA cabinets are very easy to asssemble. They generally come with some type of interlocking clip or screw mechanism that each side of the cabinet box slips into. For the most part just simple screw gun and basic hand tools are all that are needed to assemble RTA cabinets. If you don’t have these tools it maybe best to pay your installer or the cabinet shop to assemble them for you.

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