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Why Get New Interior Doors?

While the answer to that question might seem obvious to some, it is a valid perplexing question to others. Maybe your doors are still functional and for the most part still do their job. So you think, “why do I need a new door?” Or maybe you’re thinking “I just want to modernize my house, but I don’t know where to start?”

Here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself.

  • Did you recently change your flooring?

    • If you replace your carpet with hardwood flooring the gap under your door will be rather large, and your will therefore lose some privacy. If privacy is in your room is important to you, we would recommend changing out your doors. Depending on your heating and cooling system changing out your doors can also save you money on your energy bills.

  • Are the doors a little worn or damaged?

    • Some think that repairing a damaged interior door is cheaper and more cost effective then replacing the door. The reality is that repairing a door can cost almost the same price for purchasing and installing a new door. Why you ask? Basic doors are not all that expensive. Therefore, you could save yourself a few dollars in materials if you have the paint on hand, but the cost of labor will often increase with repairs because of the extensive time it takes to restore a door back to it’s original state.

  • Are they still providing the function you need for your space?

    • Many older homes come with the typical swing style doors. They even installed them in tiny spaces. If the door is crowding your space and you want to maximize your space, then think changing out your doors. There are several types of doors today. If the typical swing door doesn’t work for your space, then think of switching to the bi-fold or barn doors for your space. There are also the ever-cool “hidden doors”, (i.e. doors that look like book shelves), but would have to be custom made for your space.

  • Are they older and not matching with your contemporary décor?

    • If you are thinking about updating your decor then think about changing out your doors. It may not be as expensive as you think to replace your interior doors and, it can’t hurt to get an estimate. If you can’t afford to replace every door in your house at once, then try replacing the doors in batches. We recommend updating doors by section. For example, update doors that are next to or near each other or by floors if you have multiple levels.


Barn Doors seem to be trending lately. For those not familiar with the idea, barn doors slide across a track installed above the door on medium to large sized wheels. Why could this be a promising idea for you? Barn doors add amazing style to any room and if your space is this can be a great space saver. If you’re not

too worried about the expense you can

even make the barn doors into shelving

units saving additional space.

The down side is you need wall space for the track and the doors to slide from side to side. They are also not great for privacy (i.e. guest bathrooms) so we would recommend keeping them in common areas that don’t require too much privacy.

Door Purchasing Tips

While some may think that purchasing doors are expensive it may not be as bad as you think. Here are a few door purchasing tips.

  1. Purchase in stock doors. Many local hardware stores carry basic flat doors and six panel doors in stock and since they don’t have to order these doors they sell them at a cheaper rate. Plus you don’t have to wait long for your doors to be installed.

  2. If you get slab doors instead of pre-hung doors, you won’t have to change your door casing. (See previous article for pre-hung vs slab door tips)

  3. Check in the re-stock section of your local hardware store. In this section of the store your will find returned doors. You might be surprised at the door styles you find and you can get a great deal. Just check to make sure they will fit your doorway and that they don’t have any major flaws.

  4. If you’re looking for away to keep the sound from traveling through your doors then consider solid-core doors.

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