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Doors of Steel

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Wood doors warp. Fiberglass doors warp. Steel Doors- don’t warp. So why doesn’t everyone just get a steel door?

It’s true that steel doors are generally cheaper than their fiberglass and wood cousins. Keep in mind that there were pros and cons to having a steel door.

Are Iron Doors and Steel Doors the same thing?

NO! In terms of warping, they are the same. But they are not created equal in terms of corrosion.

Steel doors generally have less style and color choices than their iron cousins.

Do Steel Doors Rust?

YES! Steel doors and prone to rust. However, you can take preventative measures to keep your steel doors in tip-top shape.

One of those measures is to prevent water and moister from getting near or on your steel door. If your door doesn’t have an overhang or any sort of protection from the elements, it would be prudent to have an overhang built or installed over the door.

Another measure to make your steel doors last longer is to keep the door painted. That’s right, you can paint steel doors. No, you can’t use regular house paint. There is a special paint designed specifically for metal.

If you keep up with the maintenance of your steel door, it will last a good 30 years or more. Which is about the same length of a wood or fiberglass door.

Do steel doors dent?

YES! This is one reason we rarely recommend steel doors being used for front doors. If you’re going to have a steel door, use them for a side door that is shady and not regularly seen or used.

If you walk through your local home improvement store, you will see steel doors with dents in them. And keep in mind steel doors are not built like your car. It is expensive to fix those dents.

Are steel doors more secure?

MAYBE! The most vulnerable part of a door is there, where the jamb meets the lock. If you have a wood or fiberglass frame, your door is just as easily kicked in as a wood or fiberglass door. You’ll need to make sure your frame is made of steel, too.

How much does a steel door cost?

Good News! Steel doors are the cheapest option of all door materials. At the time of this writing, you’re looking to pay a minimum of $200.00 in Orange County for your basic six-panel pre-hung steel door. That is just for the material. With installation, you’re looking to pay a minimum of about $1,500.00 for a front door and roughly $800 back door.


Bonus Tip: Metal doors get hot to the touch. So, if your door is going to get lots of sun (i.e., facing East or West), we suggest getting a fiberglass door.


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